The Complete Beginners Guide To Money Transfer Services

I have been living in 8 different countries over the last 8 years and now that I am in China I feel like I have the same problem as usual: which operator should I choose among so many money transfer services which are all claiming to be able to help me.

How to choose the best money transfer service?

Horrible, terrible, scandalous! This is how I felt a few days ago, again! I screened many money transfer operators and felt so confused… Indeed they tend to let me think that they will allow me to send money from Canada to China but after my account is ready they always have a reason to not provide the service I need.

Well I felt confused. I feel good since I discovered a new tool

I have to admit that I should have thought earlier about using a money transmitter comparison service. On this comparison service money transfer businesses are listed in real time and that helped me to know in real-time which operator was actually providing the service and which one was the best.


Who are the best money transfer services?

I’m not a perfect writer and I think I feel the energy to share this because I felt really confused before being relieved from my pain.

In order to be able to help other people than only Canadians in China, let’s share a study on operators enabling to send money from UK to Canada, from Canada to UK, from the United States to China and from UK to China, and so on for all services transferring money between China, United Kingdom and United States.

I’ve been digging on the search section of the comparison website and my conclusion was astonishing:

There is no best money transfer service! But there is a way to always find them.

It is impossible to know which money transfer service is the cheapest, fastest or easiest because it is ever-changing. Indeed I started looking into prices from UK to China and found out about 3 interesting companies but a few minutes later I noticed that the order of companies had changed, their prices rank changed! Yes! My god I am so desperate about money transfers. I had a chat with experts from the comparator and found out that the rates, the easiness and the speed is changing every day because of external factors, exchange rates and their promotional methods..

From now on I will use a comparison service every time I need to make a transfer! Period.